jetNexus load balancers

Wednesday was a long, but a very rewarding day down in the lovely town of Marlow. I got to meet the lovely and talented people at jetNexus in Marlow and became a Certified Professional through their training. This now means of course that Utopian IT is now ready and able to use the jetNexus Load Balancers in your technical solutions.

The JetNexus Load Balancers come in the form of hardware and virtual appliances and balance requests to servers of all descriptions. These appliances are design to handle a massive number of requests and with the ability to cluster them in active-active or active-passive configurations, they're able to provide rock solid load balancing for presenting Microsoft Exchange, Lync, Sharepoint, RDP connections or traditional web services.

They're great value too as many companies just can't justify the expense of F5 or Citrix Netscalar and quite often don't need the features that these more expensive products provide.

I was very impressed with the interface and ease of use as well as their power for many small, medium or large businesses that require a load balancer or reverse proxy. It's amazingly quick as well, as configuration changes happen on-the-fly and the speedy server monitoring functionality guarantees for a quick and reliable failover to other servers or a secondary load balancer.

The physical appliances come in two specifications although they're both a nice 1 x rack unit high so great for co-location hosting where price is at a premium.

The ALB-X E4 is a respectable quad core CPU with 8Gb RAM and capable of 4Gbs HTTP throughput a 6,000 simultaneous SSL connections. These can be clustered of course to handle more load with the right configuration, but there is a larger model; the ALB-X E5 too.

The ALB-X E5 is a dual-hex core (yes, 12 cores!) with up to 64Gb RAM and capable of 20Gbs HTTP throughput a 10,000 simultaneous SSL connections.

If you have a need to balance the load of web servers either on the edge of a network in the DMZ or on the corporate LAN, let us know and we can look at the potential for using a jetNexus powered load balancing platform in your technical solution.