Small Business Server Virtualisation

A small financial services customer needed to migrate away from an aging Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 installation to Windows Server 2008 R2 and as part of their migration, the HP server hardware was reviewed and although it was already a few years old, it was still adequate for their purposes.

To prolong the life of the physical server while making it easier and quicker to migrate to newer hardware at a later date, a VMWare Hypervisor was installed on their server with their new Windows Server 2008 R2 running as a virtual machine. This abstracted the aging hardware and allowed the virtual server to still function via a laptop in the event of a physical server failure, greatly reducing potential downtime for the business and keeping cost of server ownership down by holding the asset for longer.

Server virtualisation was able to save our client from needing new and often expensive server hardware and mitigate impact from a physical server failure if disaster struck. We also ensured their data was backed up via a secure cloud backup provider so that their business could continue even in the event of a flood or fire in their office building.