IT Infrastructure Consultancy

it infrastructure consultancy What is IT Infrastructure?

IT Infrastructure is the equipment, systems, software and services used within an organisation to meet your business requirements.

The design of IT infrastructure naturally relates to the process behind defining those business requirements and then the development and implementation of an IT solution to meet those requirements in a cost effective and secure manner.

IT Infrastructure solutions aren't just about something technical, as for them to succeed, business support and processes must be included; especially for larger scale solutions or those expected to be in-place for the next 3-5 years.

For solutions to be viable long term, they need to be not only flexible and secure but take the current and future IT and business market into consideration. It's not about having a crystal ball; it's about the right research, vendor contacts and knowledge of how the IT industry has evolved and how it continues to evolve.

Our proven success in IT infrastructure design will be an invaluable addition to your business.

A few examples of our Infrastructure related experience include the areas of Network Security, Virtualisation and Microsoft Solutions.

Infrastructure. Secure by design
Don't let insecure technical solutions expose your data.
  • Network Security
  • Microsoft Solutions
  • Virtualisation

Network Security

Infrastructure. Secure By Design

A company's computer network serves many purposes and it provides the backbone of communication between staff and the public. Utopian IT have lead large scale network design projects and security audits to ensure services presented to the public and internal staff are secure, scalable and resilient using industry leading technology and the latest in network protection.

Our experience includes segmented Demilitarised Zones (DMZ) solutions, high bandwidth solutions for mobile offices, high performing and resilient web services, wireless (WiFi) network deployments, security audits, IT risk assessments, secure two-factor authentication solutions for UK Government and use of Cisco Nexus hardware to join Enterprise Data Centres.

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Microsoft Solutions

Small Business and Enterprise

Utopian IT has been at the forefront of Microsoft Solution Designs for over 18 years. Designing, documenting and implementing Microsoft based solutions supporting over 100,000 end-users, over 900 IT staff and over 5,000 servers.

Our Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2012 implementations have included large-scale Active Directory deployments, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) for schools and large organisations and Unified Access Gateway (UAG) for secure application access.

We've been involved with many upgrade and migration programmes over the years and can assist your business with upgrades to the latest Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8.1 on the desktop, making use of the many new application deployment, protection, management and virtualisation features.

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Small Business and Enterprise

Virtualisation is a concept that has literally revolutionised the IT world. Virtualisation of infrastructure has many benefits for organisations of any size, large or small. Basically, a single physical server can be turned into a "super-server" that is capable of hosting multiple virtual servers; each with their own separate operating system and virtualised hardware such as memory, CPU, network card and storage.

Our VMWare (vSphere) Professionals and Microsoft Hyper-V Specialists are experts at designing and implementing scalable virtualisation solutions for small businesses and the enterprise. Server and storage virtualisation can bring significant savings to your business. We have experience in large-scale server consolidation, test labs, development environments, high-resource applications as well as shared storage, backup, virtual firewalls and advanced networking.

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