Utopian IT Limited is a UK company based in Yorkshire, established in 2006 providing a personalised consultancy service to your business using a wealth of industry experience.

Although we have experience in a variety of industry-leading products and technologies, we consider ourselves technology agnostic and specialise in using the right technology for the business operation, rather than changing the business need to fit a technology.

Consultancy services include small business support, enterprise infrastructure solutions, web site development and hosting, project management and internet marketing.

What is Utopian IT about?

'Utopia' is the idealistic place or in our case the ideal IT solution. It's often considered fictional according to its' origins, but we have goals of providing the perfect solution; that is the perfect solution for you.

IT solutions come in all shapes and sizes and different businesses have different requirements and not all can be met by the same solution or even the same technology. Our strengths come from being able to sit down with you and accurately define business requirements and provide options, talking you through the options and deciding on the most appropriate implementation. Whether they're small or large projects, they both need the same understanding of the basic requirements. For larger projects, more detailed definitions are required but the basic understanding and outcomes remain.

Infrastructure - Secure By Design

We pride ourselves on professionalism and ethical business practices and keep to the highest standards involving confidential personal or patient data. Our tag line is "Infrastructure - Secure By Design" meaning that everything we do, whether it be a solution design or small business support, security of data is of the utmost importance. There have been too many data breaches and privacy issues concerning confidential information over the last decade and we believe the process of being able to access data from anywhere shouldn't unnecessarily compromise the security or integrity of that data. 

We understand business pressures and will always try to accommodate resourcing, time or budgetary constraints where possible.


We cater to businesses of all sizes across various industries and have previously worked with small investment companies, internet development houses, financial institutions, primary industry, local government, health care and global telecommunications providers.


We believe in using technology we can trust. Our technology experience includes vendors such as VMWare, Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, GlobalScape, McAfee, HP and Dell as well as Open Source products such as FreeNAS and Ubuntu Linux.

Meet the Team Consultancy and Administration


Chris Harris

Principal Consultant

Helen Harris


Sia Shamsai

Internet Marketing